My mum had been Ill most of my life. So much so she’d written me a letter when I was a baby explaining why mummy was so poorly in case she died and I’d know why. She had a long list of ailments and over the years suffered with a pulmonary embolism, CIPD which attacked her nerves, a burst stomach ulcer but despite thinking she was going to die in the 1990s, she powered through. I’d been prepared for mum falling gravely ill so many times that I’d began to feel that mum was somehow indestructible. And for that reason I had no inclination to think that her life would end at 60. No age these days is it 60. When my mum left in November 2021 I started to understand what true grief was, grief that I’d never before experienced. I’m here to sound off as I ride the waves as they come and even help support people by showing them that like me, they are not alone in their grief. Picture is my mum holding my eldest son just after he was born in 2019. She loved her grandchildren so so much she’d even FaceTime them at bed to read them a story.

Posted by Eleanor at 2022-05-03 21:24:15 UTC