Hi there, I’m new here and lost my mum to cancer in February. She was diagnosed in July 2020 so it all happened quite fast and i feel like im only just starting to process it. A lot of the numbness has lifted and everything feels so raw and unmanageable but this seems to correlate with a lot of people stopping checking in which is tough as i feel like i need people the most now that the reality of this is finally hitting. Im trying to give people the benefit of the doubt and 3 months is a long time for people not directly experiencing it. I just feel so isolated and angry and alone and i know that that’s preventing me seeing all the support i do have. Even with family i just feel like we are all dealing with this in our own way - common i know but i feel scared our family wont recover from this and find a new way of reshaping and being. My mum was so scared of that happening. I dont want that to become a reality or to let her down. These are just a few of the things stressing me at the minute. The rollercoaster of this is too much…Im sure this time last week i was “ok”. I’m glad there is a community like this that can hopefully help us all feel a bit less alone on our journeys. X

Posted by Melanie SM at 2022-05-02 14:51:36 UTC