Isn’t it odd when one of your closest people leaves you, to begin to wonder “how will I cope when ‘x’ leaves?” “What will my children go through when I leave?” I really don’t want to leave my children ever. Death comes to us all I know this but the realisation has scared me, I’m an overweight smoker who eats way too much junk food. Some of us spiral into the sea of fear. Me I’m trying not to and doing what I can to stay as long as I can. So I’m heading back to the gym and watching what I eat and firstly giving up smoking. I consider myself to be relatively young to have lost my mother she was only 60 and I know if I keep on the way I am I would likely leave not much older. And I have so much more life to give than that. For me, for my mum and for my children. Anyone else have that fear? How to you manage it? *picture of me and my boys*

Posted by Eleanor at 2022-05-02 13:25:59 UTC