Hilarious day yesterday. Long time friend Maria, who usually works Sundays, kidnapped me! What else can you call it at 7.30am!!!! As I am a very early bird I was up, dressed and fed. Just as well. Off we go to local car boot sale. Wet☔ and only 10 cars. No treasures😩 She then wisks me to Hulme Hall, Port Sunlight. I live in Chester. Slow mooch to just see what's there then coffee ☕ and toasted teacake. Got to keep energy levels up when treasure hunting😊. Now down to the serious mooch. Did aquire a couple of treasures including a beautiful crystal covered leopard 🐆. Great morning expecting home, nope off to very nice pub for wee glass wine 🥂 and a ploughman's lunch🥖🧈🥗 yummy. We both flying solo and knew each others husband's. Both hubby's slightly mad, they had to be to be married to us. Lots of talk, laughter and shared memories. Back to Maria's to help her sort out a new, very large rug in her lounge. More laughter and wine... She always has an ulterior motive🤣🤣🤣. Later that evening sitting alone remembering the day I suddenly realised it has been full of happiness 😊, memories shared brought warmth and comfort. No room for grief. It was still there but lying gently in the background. I am by nature happy, optomistic, and positive. All I can say it watch out world I'm back, bloody but unbowed. Changed irrecoverably but still me. Grief you will bring the sads when least expected but life is for living and I intend live it to the fullest. For me and for hubby... ❤️

Posted by dianna_ellson at 2022-05-02 07:43:04 UTC