Hello, I came across untangle a few weeks ago. I've not posted before but feel I have found a safe place where I can be understood and maybe connect with others who are going through similar. I lost my beautiful daughter Ashleigh in November 2021, it was sudden and unexpected at only 22 years old. Ashleigh was working abroad in Taiwan so it has not been straightforward since the police arrived at my house on November 18th to tell me my baby girl was gone. We had to fight to bring Ashleigh home to the UK and we didn't achieve this until the end of January 2022. Because of the suddenness of Ashleigh's death and the lack of answers the coroner here in the UK took her straight into their care, and I still had to wait to be with her again. Thankfully I was able to spend time with Ashleigh once she was in the care of the funeral home and I went to be with her often. We were finally able to go ahead with Ashleigh's funeral in March. But now after all this time I feel so lost and heartbroken. All the constant work and planning involved in getting Ashleigh home gave me a focus, Ashleigh was still here with us, still present, I was able to visit her for weeks before we were given the go ahead for the funeral. Now I feel like it's hit me all over again and I don't know how to carry on without her, it feels like everyone around me has gone back to their day to day lives, moved on and I'm left here alone, my heart hurts so much. A picture of my beautiful Ashleigh

Posted by juliawallis1 at 2022-05-01 19:28:07 UTC