Hello, my 52 year old partner of 16 years died 8 weeks today. Unfortunately I found him and the circumstances surrounding his sudden and unexpected death were very shocking and traumatic. I’m devastated and heartbroken. Guilt and regret are at the forefront of my mind too 24/7 and feel so much shame and hate for myself as I firmly believe that if I had acted differently, taken certain actions he’d still be alive. I also often have thoughts of not wanting to live a future without him. I haven’t really got any close family and only a couple of close friends who’ve been there for me from day one. Others, most especially a best friend who I thought would have been there for me has completely disappeared. I just wanted to know if anyone in this special group have suffered similar thoughts, most especially re guilt and regret and how you coped with it? Thank you ❤️

Posted by Shaz2022 at 2022-05-01 11:25:53 UTC