Hi my name is Janelle I’m so pleased to have found ‘Untangle’. My Dad’s sudden passing left our family in shock & the burden on myself weighed heavily but Being the eldest I had to stay strong for my mum; my sister; our children & the extended family. I feel I had no time to grieve myself & am just treading water. My Dad was like a Mum to us as a child because Mum was in poor health mentally & physically. I feel I am reliving the day of his passing continually. I work & life goes on for my family & the newest additions to it but something died in me when Dad passed. I miss his guidance & advice as head of the family. I feel I’m letting him down now in my responsibilities as he was on such a pedestal to us all:

Posted by janellexyeates at 2022-04-30 17:28:02 UTC