Hi 👋 everyone I lost all my grandparents now but the first one died when I was a toddler it was my dads father . I don't really remember him . My mums mother died in 2013 . I was so upset as she was like my second mum. My mums father died in 2016 which was so sad as it was on new years day . My dad's stepfather who I thought was my grandad as my nan married him before I was born died in 2019. 6 weeks later his wife my nan died . It was so sad as my dad died a year before. I had 2 step grandmother's that died too one in 2019 and the other in 2012. The one who died in 2019 was much nicer then the other one as she was my stepmothers mum. I had great relationships with all my grandparents. My dad's parents and stepdad was English and my mums parents was Algerian and French.

Posted by joannedeacon8 at 2022-04-29 18:50:13 UTC