Hi everyone I lost my dad in 2018. He died of asbestosis/lung cancer . I was with him when he died. He left my mum in 2001 and we weren't as close as my stepmother made it hard to see him on his own. A few years before he died I spoke to him about how I felt around that time as I was late teens early twenties . I'm glad we was close at the end. He didn't sign his will so it went to probate. My stepmother kept my dads money so me and my brother didn't get anything. I used to put things on his grave but they disappeared so I stopped putting things on his grave. I've done something in my back garden instead. My stepmother after 9 months of my dad dying got a new partner. Me and my brother tried to keep in touch with her but she didn't want to carry on so now we don't speak to her. I think about my dad every day and miss him so much.

Posted by joannedeacon8 at 2022-04-29 18:41:52 UTC