Hi everyone, I've lost my mum suddenly on New Year's Eve, due to post op complications. As someone mentioned in another post, talking to friends about this is like "talking to a brick wall". They listen, but they don't get it. And I hope they won't have to get it for a long time. So I'm trying out this support community. I think I'll be fine, but I'm really worried about my widowed dad. He's 63, my mum was his whole world and they had great plans for traveling after he retired. All of that is gone now. He doesn't have a large group of friends and I live abroad. I visit him as much as possible, but I'm his daughter. He will always stay strong for me, hide his tears from me. He needs a friend. I just don't how to support him, we never talked about feelings before. We don't talk about mum being gone, only practical things. Thanks for having me here. Jo

Posted by giova at 2022-04-29 15:53:30 UTC