Are You in Limbo? After the death of our loved ones we feel weighted down by our grief. Are you in limbo? We often feel like they are in limbo and that in itself makes it even harder to move forward. We realize in that first year that “not knowing” what the future holds is torture. Sometimes you even feel that there is little hope and you may as well just give up trying. Along with the obvious feelings of pain, depression and sadness, there are other reactions to being in limbo, such as: 1. Feeling helpless, fearful, empty, guilty, lonely and restless. 2. Loss of concentration, hope and motivation. 3. Changes in appetite, sleep and energy. 4. More error-prone and slower to take action or make decisions. Any or all of the above are to be expected if you are in limbo. Understand that being in limbo may be part of the body’s natural healing process as it tries to cope with all the changes you are facing. Be with these changes, don’t fight it as your mind and body are already involved in healing your broken heart. Being in limbo is your minds natural protection against the intense pain, shock and grief as your mind slowly accepts life without your loved one. You will move out of this limbo state of mind as your broken heart heals. Your body, mind and emotions have enormous wisdom. They know how to heal themselves and the amount of time they need to do it. Give them time to heal and trust in the process of recovery. Don’t try to follow what another's have done or what others tell you. You are uniquely you and your body, mind and emotions are yours, and most importantly your grief path is also uniquely yours. So grant yourself grace snd take your time. Hopefully we will move to a place of peace, joy and potential even happiness in our futures.

Posted by M1VHA at 2022-04-29 04:46:32 UTC