I'm just struggling at the moment, I lost my mum unexpectedly in October 2021 and I had to sort everything out for the funeral, make sure my sister (who was still living at mums) was okay and not alone all the while going to work and having to deal with my children's grief too. I felt for a long time and probably still do that I didn't get to grieve properly. A few months ago my sister and I had a stupid argument which caused her to fall out with me and tell me how horrible I was for not checking up on her even though I did everything for her after mum passed away. Made sure she wasn't alone, meet up for coffee or anything, invite her to Christmas Dinner at our home etc.. so I decided to space myself from her as it was all too much. I then find out from my dad that she's moved house and I haven't had the one chance to go and see mum's house for the last time or look through her things and it's been really upsetting. I feel very lost and alone.

Posted by billielaughlin26 at 2022-04-28 22:12:42 UTC