Hi everyone! I lost my dad very unexpectedly back in Jan 2021. In the early stages of my grief, I found myself seeking the support and comfort from other people who understood exactly what I was going through - other people who were grieving. I felt like opening up to my friends was kind of like talking to a brick wall, of course they were there to listen to me but no one truly understood my feelings and what I was going through. Grief is so much more than just grieving the loss of the person you lost. You're also grieving the future with that person, you're grieving all the lost time, the moments that were yet to come. You're grieving the person you were when you still had your loved one around. Grief is so heavy and only us greviers truly understand. I am so glad a space like this exists and it is a great place to be open so thank you for creating this community 😊

Posted by henx3 at 2022-04-28 16:00:47 UTC