Promised I would report on group I attended Tuesday. Interstering group. Mixed ages and both sexes. Length of flying solo,some 17 years another 3 months. Friendly and willing to chat. Mostly fact finding..about each other. No. Enjoyed it and will go again but I am not the type to sit for hours talking about grief especially when sun shining... Need variety. Did find it very interesting how others react to partners death. A lot seemed to say that partner was their whole world, they did everything together and didn't know what to do alone. This I found, me personally, sad and hard to relate to. David was a huge part of my life for nearly 50 years and I his but it wasn't to the exclusion of everything else. We both worked, had circle of friends both together and seperately. Lived a life each. Made for very entertaining conversations at dinner time 🤣 others enriched our lives. He was not my whole world but 95% of it. We both very secure in the knowledge of our deep love and respect for each other. Maybe we just odd, a comment he made many times. Being together 24/7 I think divorce or the patio! With compromise we survived lockdown quite well. I miss him so much, angry with him for dying but I am strong and will survive this grief to make a new, different way of living my life. We all different and this is my way, not for everyone and totally understand if your way different and min annoys you.

Posted by dianna_ellson at 2022-04-27 17:12:22 UTC