Hi. I'm new here. I lost my husband of 30 years in Nov 20 very suddenly to a heart attack while he was sat next to me as I drove my car home from visiting my terminally ill sister. My sister died exactly 10 weeks later. I had been helping to look after her in her final months & helped her to plan her funeral & deal with all her final wishes. One sudden & unexpected death, & one painful, long planned for death & the loss of the 2 people I was closest too. Just before my husband died, one of our adored dogs was put to sleep & 2 months after my sister died our other dog had to be put to sleep. With all the 'firsts' out of the way I am finding this second year worse in a lot of ways & am struggling more. Feeling lost, alone & missing them all so very much.

Posted by thill1 at 2022-04-27 15:40:46 UTC