#suicide Hello. My name is Boglarka and I've lost the father of my 9 years old daughter on the 19th of April. We were separated since 2015 but maintained a very good parental relationship for our daughter. He regularly visited her and they've had an amazing relationship. They daily spoke on phone and he always had her every 2 weekends. He was living with his partner and 5yo child in London, had a great job and recently got engaged. I'm also married now and have another child. So he seemed doing excellent in his life, he just turned 39 three days before. On the 20th of April at 10am, his mother called me... She was screaming in pain... She said "John killed himself!!" It's been exactly 7 days since this phone call.... I was in total shock for 5 days... I could not function... I've had to go and collect my children from school and act normal because I've had no idea how I'm going to tell her this.... I was at that point where I started an antidepressant and I'm trying to get all the help we can with my daughter... I was having hard time at home with my husband as he didn't understand my feelings, he just said why would I be so upset about my ex.... John was not just an ex... He was the loving father of my child, he was once my love and we share a child and many amazing memories as a family. The fureal is soon on the 5th of May and I have to prepare myself and my daughter... It's unbelievable how people can hide the reality and show a completely different life what they really have. He never told his parents or best friends what he was going through. On his last few days, he called his mother and told her that with his fiance, they are separating because the woman already had someone else and she's been having an affair for a while. He knew this for a while but he still proposed to her hoping they can fix it. This woman completely disappeared from socal media, she never contacted his family about what happened. She is not even coming to the funeral. Everything is just shocking on so many levels... I'm sorry it was a long read, Thank you

Posted by boglarka2010 at 2022-04-27 05:49:56 UTC