Hi I’m Teri, I’m sure I can’t be the only person to lose so many close to me in such a relatively small amount of time!! First I lost my brother 3 years 9 months ago, suddenly! He had MS and was only 53. He probably had a chest infection and choked in his sleep. His wife and kids were on holiday and found him when they got back. He’d been dead a while Then my dad died 18months later. He’d got Pneumonia. He also had Parkinson’s. He went into hospital and they didn’t feed him because he was coeliac and couldn’t tolerate dairy and soya as well. I actually sent him in with 2 bags of microwave food he could have. I couldn’t stay at the hospital because I was needed at home to care for my wheelchair bound mum! It was too far for me to go every day. I should mention that I have ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and depression so my abilities are very limited! By the time they moved him to a closer hospital he’d lost what tiny bit of sight he had left and I couldn’t entice him to eat! He was sent home with palliative care and died 10 days later. 3 weeks later a very close friend of mine died of Cancer. She didn’t make it home before the end! She’d been like an auntie to me. Just days before the third anniversary of my brothers death my mums brother died. He was younger than she was. He had been very poorly but they were getting ready to send him home with 24 hour care when he just slipped away! Just after the second anniversary of my dads death we found out his youngest sister had died the year before. She had Alzheimer’s and caught Covid. We weren’t very close to her but it was still sad especially for her daughter and granddaughter. And now my elderly neighbour who was an extended part of our family died very suddenly early Sunday morning! He was practically the centre of our local community, running the farm stall and caring for the ducks and geese on our little pond! But more than that he was like my granddad. The only man left in my life apart from my 32 year old nephew who lives about 250-300 miles away! I can’t believe I have lost another man in my life! On top of all that my mum is in hospital a 2 1/2 hours drive away. I wish she was here right now I’m on my own and every time I look out of my window I see the blinds drawn at my neighbours house! It’s such a lot to have to deal with in less than 4 years! I feel like it’s a case of who’s next??? Sorry for the depressing introduction! Teri

Posted by cornishrainbow at 2022-04-26 22:23:38 UTC