Hi im Jayne im new to the group.. I lost my Niece Claudia on the 8th July 2021 to DIPG an incurable Brain Tumour..She was just 7 yrs old...Ive been her co parent with my Sister(Claudia's Mum) ever since she was born on the 8th November 2013, just 3 minutes after her Twin Brother Robin..I see them both as mine.. Watching Claudia suffer and die and being helpless to do anything to stop that has been a huge trauma..I still feel in shock and in a trance trying to understand what has happened.. We were told Claudia's prognosis was 9 to 12 months but Claudia got just under 5 months after being diagnosed last February..Its all happened so quickly and i had to stay strong as Robin(Claudia's Twin) stayed with me all of the time that Claudia was in hospital.. Its hard to find support for Aunties that are more than just Aunties..Even Claudia and Robin called me their other Mummy🙂

Posted by jaynecarrick2 at 2022-04-26 12:13:50 UTC