So last Monday I lost my BFF. Knew her since 1995 at school. She died of brain cancer. She only found out a week before she had it . I'm not coping but went back to work on the Wednesday. My work haven't been that supportive. What makes it harder is I've lost quite a lot of close family in the last 4 years and this is before covid . I go to work but I feel like I'm not there like a bad dream . I feel drained and not myself. I spoke to my friends partner yesterday for over 2 hours . It was lovely talking to him but as it was in the evening I cried myself to sleep. I'm dreading the funeral whenever it will be. My fiance can't make it as he lives far away and my mum isn't sure if she can come so I might have to go alone .

Posted by joannedeacon8 at 2022-04-25 12:13:57 UTC