Just realised that today is the 35th anniversary of when I snared my husband at a birthday party for his band mate. He died 26th July 2020 from a rare and incredibly aggressive cancer. We held his funeral that August with Just 30 people which was so hard. His mum lost her only child. Our children lost their loving dad and I lost my partner in crime. But so many other people lost him too. On 2nd April we held the celebration he actually deserved. We invited people from near and far both physically and in time. We had time to share memories, to meet people who knew him in his other lives and to cry over speeches and photographs. But then the band played. Not the same band from 35yrs ago but we celebrated. We sang and we danced and we missed him. He would have loved it!

Posted by vickie.douglas15 at 2022-04-23 09:45:50 UTC