Devastated last night one of the dogs got to my mums old teddy bear she’d had since being little there was straw everywhere. And I noticed a similar pattern of reaction to when mum died the shock stage where you just feel numb, later came the sadness. I’m going to see if it can be repaired if I can. But had anyone else had an attachment to “things” I think I have it more because I’ve had to sell mums house so I’m putting all of my memories into mums things as I can’t visit the home anymore. Oddly as I discovered it I could hear mum in my head saying “it’s ok darling it’s just a bear don’t be angry at the dogs” (she loved her dogs) and that is the very thing that stopped me blowing my top and things getting over dramatic. I still have so many things of hers and I’m just thankful they didn’t get to her ashes that would have been more devastating.

Posted by Eleanor at 2022-04-23 08:22:34 UTC