Hello my name is Kerry, on December 31st 2022 my dad who lived with myself my husband and my 2 children aged 11 and 8 died very suddenly, although he had lots of health issues he was oxygen dependant and was living with copd. I was just getting over tonsillitis and we were getting ready to go to see my eldest daughter I said to dad come on dad you have to get up we are going to see Mel he simply said yes I'll just have a bit longer I didn't sleep very well so I said OK. At lunchtime I took his medication in to him and asked if he wanted a cup of tea he replied yes but said he was going to stay in bed so we didn't go to our daughters, at 3.30pm I said come on dad you should get up he said I know ill just have my nebuliser at 4 I knocked on his door and asked if he wanted another cuppa he didn't answer so I knocked again and opened his door he was lay back on his bed and I knew I screamed for my husband to come up who ran upstairs and called an ambulance he began cpr straight away whilst I was talking to the 999 call handler everything was happening in slow motion I remember saying come on dad its time to get up.My younger children were playing in their room when the ambulance arrived I can't stop thinking that maybe if I had made him get up or id gone in 5 mins before we could have saved him I try to play back the afternoon trying to remember what if he shouted me and I didn't hear him I miss him so much and I'm struggling everyday when will I start to heal and how can I move on.

Posted by kerryhslater1970 at 2022-04-22 22:29:40 UTC