My name is Mary and I lost my husband, Josh, on July 30th, 2021after a 5 year battle with cancer at 43 years old. We were married for 21 years and together for 25 when he died. Josh was my absolute love and best friend. He lived life to the fullest and loved so dang well. He fought tooth and nail to stay with me and our two boys, now 13 and 16. I miss him horribly and also am so thankful for all his love and care for all those years. Without that and our children, his loss would be that much harder. Grief has been such an odd thing to go through. It has changed so many relationships, for the best and the worst, pushed me to do ALL the things that Josh spearheaded (from budgets, taxes, and bike repair), to helping me understand that I have little control over much, just in how I respond. I’m sorry we all find ourselves in this space together but I’m thankful I’m not alone.

Posted by MaryLink at 2022-04-22 19:54:54 UTC