Hi all, My dad died 10 weeks ago on the 10th February, very suddenly whilst out on a bike ride. He died of heart failure. He was on a solo bike ride and was literally half a mile from my parents house. I hadn’t seen him since the 17th January (I live 250 miles away with my husband) the rest of my family (mum and 3 sisters) had seen him that week or that day. This is the hardest thing that’s ever happened to our family as we were such a close unit, it’s also especially hard because I’m pregnant and due to give birth in 3 months time. Although I got to say goodbye to my dad in the chapel of rest at the funeral directors, I feel so cheated from seeing him more, this also makes me feel so incredibly guilty. Trying to wrap my head around becoming a mum, very soon, and dealing with my dads death is really hard and the emotions I have flowing through me are so mixed up.

Posted by Snowball89 at 2022-04-22 07:28:06 UTC