Hi everyone. New here. My sister died from stage IV bowel cancer just over 2 years ago. She had been diagnosed less than 8 months before and for half of her time living with cancer we were in lockdown so I was unable to see her. I was allowed to be with her in the hospice in the last 8 days of her life where she was in an unresponsive state. We never spoke together in this time, and I found that so hard. She was married and her daughter had turned 3 about 3 weeks before her death. Even now, writing this it feels like I’m talking about someone else. I often explain it as though I’m playing a part in a play. The character that I’m playing has lost her sister to cancer and has had all this grief. But it’s not really me. I find most days ok, though I have no energy. And I catch myself in a thought and become completely overwhelmed and on the verge of a panic. Or just break down in tears (I only do that on my own now). Anyway, more later I’m sure. Here’s my lovely sister. God I really wish she was here.

Posted by Griefsister at 2022-08-16 01:39:26 UTC