Hi My name is Sandy. We lost our 20 year old son just about 5 months ago to Valley Fever. We didn’t even know he had it. Took him to ER on March 12, 2022 because he was lethargic and having a hard time breathing. By the 16th he was in the ICU, intubated and on life support (last day we got to hear his scared and confused voice 🥺), and had to say goodbye to him on the 21st. 9 days, just 9 days and only 3½ of them with him awake and scared he was going to die. He knew but of course we had hope, felt like he was in good hands, but now we’re left grieving with so many questions. Our 22 year old daughter moved out because it was too hard on her seeing his pictures, urn, still using the same bathroom that they shared. In a way I feel like I’ve lost her too. We barely see or talk to her because that’s how she’s dealing with things 🥺 My mom is battling her second round of metastatic breast cancer that has moved to her liver and she’s not doing well. The same day she was re-diagnosed, at the end of June, my grandma, her mom, passed away🥺 So much loss, so soon, so many feels

Posted by grievingmomma at 2022-08-15 20:42:27 UTC