I've came to realise we all just want to talk about our parents all day every day ❤️ We must keep them alive in our minds and everyone's memories!! I thought it might be nice to start a happy post..... What was everyone's loved ones favourite food and why? Any funny stories regarding that? Family recipe.... Disaster meal.... My dad loved all things Ice cream 😂 Especially a mcflurry from mcdonalds because they were cheap and he was a penny pincher! 😂 We live rural and have no shops never mind mcdonalds..... When he agreed to chemo 60miles away.... It was in part, due to the fact their was a mcdonalds near the hospital 😂 That became our weekly after chemo treat and a memory I'll always cherish because he was always so happy! Now my four little ones do a "cheers" to heaven every time we have one ❤️

Posted by scougyuk at 2022-08-15 10:44:03 UTC