Hi all, hope everyone is doing the best they can in their present circumstances ♥️ My fiancé passed away from mental health issues on 30/07/2017 so it’s just been his 5 year deathaversary. Our daughter at the time was only 18 days old so she has no memory of her Daddy. She is now 5 and all she knows is that her Daddy was sick and he passed away when she was a baby. She asked me tonight where her Daddy went…did he got to the hospital? Did he go to Melbourne? All of which I answered no to. My Love was supposed to be buried with his father but due to family issues I don’t even have any of his ashes and don’t even know if he has actually been laid to rest with his father. I’m seeking any kind of guidance on how you have handled questions from your little ones regarding the missing person in your lives. I told my little one that her Daddy is in the afterlife but lives on in our memories. We are not religious in any way but I just didn’t know how to answer that question. She knows what she needs to know at the moment and what is age appropriate for her. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Sending strength to all who are on this horrible grief journey xxx

Posted by mysavinggrace at 2022-08-15 07:49:07 UTC