Over a year ago I lost one of my closest friends, his name was Chris. He passed due to drug overdose. Xanax that was laced. He got these pills from another one of our close friends. After Chris passed I cut all ties with this friend because I was so angry, hurt, and confused. I asked myself over and over again “Why?” Why did my best friend have to die? Why would someone do this to him? Then December 31st of 2021 the close friend that had gave Chris the pills passed away. Same thing. Drug overdose. I hold so much guilt to this day. I miss both of them, and I wish life would’ve been better to them. Seeing two people you love go through drug addiction is hard. And both of them passing in the same year was very very hard. And it still is.

Posted by maejennings at 2022-08-14 19:44:52 UTC