when i would have to drive oskir to the vet, i would always play old country. i'm talking outlaw country. they always made me happy and oskir seemed to enjoy it as well. i played this kind of music to put us in a positive mood in the case we ever came out of a vet visit with bad news in regard to his condition. after oskir's passing, the songs "i walk the line" by johnny cash, and "doggone cowboy" by marty robbins became my new favorites. in my version of oskir's heaven, i imagine him as a cowboy living the most peaceful and beautiful life possible. we grew up confined to a basement until i ran away at 20 and finally gave him the window i promised all those years. i wanted freedom to roam for him so badly, but he didn't make it long enough to experience it with me. i hope now he is free as a bird, or a cowboy roaming. i am a studio art and art history major in college, and i created this silkscreen print of oskir in his heaven. i hope he's loving it wherever he may be.

Posted by mariexlabenne at 2022-08-14 04:52:53 UTC