One of the sweetest thing happened today - I generally spot a Northern Cardinal on the trees, right infront of my balcony, whenever I am missing my dad. And it's often said that a Northern Cardinal is a loved one visiting you. Today I was on the treadmill, and this time is when I am trying to organize my thoughts, talk to my dad, it's my Me time, and then I see the bird sitting on a branch, not that far from the gym. And it stayed there the whole time I was running, looking right at me, and then it flew away the moment I moved away from the treadmill. My dad was very involved in all aspects of my life. He was very fit during his younger days, he was always exercising and at the gym so when I decided to get more fit and got myself a PT to train me, my dad would sometimes come down to have a chat with my trainer and he would ask if he is making me do all the exercises he thought would be good and I would just have a laugh and call him a show off. So everytime I am at the gym, telling him that I am trying to get at least physically stronger, because that's something I can control whereas getting mentally stronger is going to take longer because I can't control it cz I can't bring him back. I was hoping he was happy watching me take care of myself. This moment was very sweet for me, I just couldn't stop looking at the bird (Dad :D), and it brought me some sad, yet happy tears. I think it just made my day. I wanted to share this story with this community because I know how much it means to get a ray of hope that they are out there, looking over us, watching us, trying to get better. And I hope this helps someone today.

Posted by Kritika17 at 2022-08-13 22:28:28 UTC