Hi 👋🏻 I lost my father on July 6th 2022, he had a 'catastrophic' stroke on February 9th resulting in paralysis on his left side and was very poorly afterwards but made progress, enough progress to comfort my sister and I and give 'dad advice' as well as being the funny caring person he has always been , a second stroke in July set him right back to how he was in February and the doctor said he didn't have long to live , my sister and I sat with dad for 32 hrs until he passed away, with my brother , sister and dads life long friend and I gathered around him to say our final goodbye. Dad was a healthy 80yr before that awful night , I'm finding it hard to accept how cruel and sudden it was, it's been a harrowing and traumatic 5 mnths . None of us expected this , it's been the saddest year of my life 💙

Posted by Evie at 2022-08-13 22:21:46 UTC