Neurodiversity and Grief I would love to connect to others who are ND and currently living with grief. I have ADHD (diagnosed and currently unmedicated) and part of this condition is severe emotional dysregulation. When my dad passed suddenly, I immediately went in to the caregiver mode to help my lovely mum (who I’m still helping when needed) and I put that trait largely down to ADHD and the proven ability to organise under stress. However, after 6 weeks I’m now feeling the grief hitting harder and harder and I’m having a breakdown every day. And wanting to cry all the time. I still can’t look at videos and I still cry just at anyone asking how I am. I don’t feel ready to work yet or have any conversations. I’m just feeling major lost and it’s becoming amplified rather than settling down. I have asked to be referred to a grief therapist through my work. I hate feeling like this because I love my dad and he deserves to have his memory kept alive with stories and shared memories. I just wish I could fulfil that. I just, I feel so lost even though I have a great support around me. It’s like I can’t even appreciate it properly right now and although I don’t feel like I’m on a spiral, I’m worried about depression. My mind is going on all sorts of tangents. Anti depressants/anxiety meds are known to worsen ADHD, which would worsen this grief. I was at my PT session and my attention dropped for a split second and the grief and tears came flooding in and I had to end my session. I don’t want this hurt to over loud the love for my dad

Posted by Jaggy at 2022-08-13 20:56:51 UTC