12 Weeks yesterday and it's only getting harder 💔 I'm an intelligent adult, but still my head tells me I just have to do the time(unsure how much) , then he'll be back? I hate that no one speaks his name, and when I do its awkward..... For them? I'm actually better if I just talk dad all day? Why do people want to move on.... Why do friends think you've healed right after the funeral or just not get in touch again "because they don't know what to say"..... .... Why do a few happy hours come to punish you before bed and break you into pieces due to guilt! People say he'll never leave you..... He'll be watching you always...... That angers me aswell! I want him to show himself if that's the case 😭 I thought because we had this unbreakable bond, he'd die and come back next day as a ghost dad and just chill with me always 💔 Silly I know. Sending love to all who need it today xx

Posted by scougyuk at 2022-08-13 08:58:46 UTC