Today is 2 years since you left us. For the last 2 years I’ve not been myself, I’ve been depressed, I lost my best friend when you left. I feel sorry that my spark went and that my lovely hubby had to witness me not being myself, it must have been hard for him, I know I wasn’t the best wife since you went mum. I lost my lust for life. I know how I acted was normal but I regret it because he might have thought I didn’t love him as much but in reality I was just missing you, it changed me. Now he’s gone too and I wonder if he’d given up because of me and my depression. I miss you both so much it hurts. I’m trying to learn from all this for my boys, I try to hide all the pain I feel and put a smile on even when I’m crying inside. Because I don’t want to bring them down even further too. Life is so hard. Anyway mum you were a beautiful person, I miss you, I miss our chats, I miss my best friend and I miss your beautiful smile. 😞❤️xxx

Posted by vicki23 at 2022-08-13 06:13:52 UTC