I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the last time I held my mum. I had no clue it was the last time. It was 2nd November 2021 and we visited her on my youngest sons birthday she loved her grandchildren and we took them to see her as often as we could. I remember when it was time to go id felt so busy getting my two boys ready to go they were 2 and 1 and I remember thinking that it was more important for her to hold her grandchildren than me. We hugged goodbye of course none of us knew it would be the last time. She went into hospital the following week, I was unable to visit as they had closed off visiting due to a spike in covid infections and even then I thought “it’s fine she will be home soon” she never came home. Now my only wish is that she knew that goodbye hug meant something and me concentrating on her hugging the grandkids was me showing her I knew how much she cherished them …. If I only knew I would have hugged her longer … I thought we’d have so much more time with her xxxx

Posted by Eleanor at 2022-08-12 19:20:41 UTC