Hi, I’m new on here. I lost my dad to lymphoma in March 2019. I was on holiday at the time and was told 24 hours before he died that he had cancer and that it was terminal. I was unable to get home to say goodbye as I was in the middle of the sea on a cruise so I had to say my final goodbye to him via telephone. He was only 56. Because my parents were divorced it’s very difficult to talk to my mum as she disliked the way he treated my brother and I (we would go years without seeing him). I have always felt very torn since he died: on one hand I have felt disloyal to my family for feeling sad about his passing, as they had to pick up the pieces after he left. On the other hand I also feel upset at the years which were lost and which I’ll never get back. Not sure if anyone has had a similar experience?

Posted by amyc at 2022-08-12 18:37:24 UTC