i lost both grandparents on my moms side. grandpa on august 12, 2019…grandma may 4, 2022. when my grandpa started declining, i was on vacation with a friends family. i found out my mom had been calling her mom without me knowing and i confronted my mom and she told me it was about him. she told me it was fine and that it was just blood work. he had a blood clot in his leg and was refusing surgery. i can home on august 11, and was taken straight to their house. i went in for a hug from my mom and that’s when she told me that he was dying. i ran into the house and saw him laying in a bed, hopped up on morphine for the pain. i sat with him, cried with him, told him about my vacation. and he was gone the next day, surrounded by all of us while listening to john denver. my grandfather was a unique soul and not being able to know him now, feels like i’ve been robbed of so much. my grandma was sudden. there was only maybe a day or two before where she had started acting different but not enough to alarm my mom and i(my grandma ended up living with us after an above the knee amputation, and half of her foot amputated, and my grandfathers death). i woke up for school that morning, and she was mumbling loudly, not making sense but would occasionally be lucid and say words. i still left for school because my mom assured me that she would be taken to the doctor and we would have answers.. and then i got a text saying i needed to come home. and i knew then and there that she was gone. i drove home and saw her, before the took her to the funeral home. i just remember the silence i heard after both of their deaths. it was like the sounds around me dimmed out and all i heard, was nothing. they were the two people that i think of when i hit my milestones in life, i will never stop sharing those things with them even if it is through a more challenging way. they’re my guardian angels and i’m more than grateful to have such amazing ones up there.

Posted by cooperyocum at 2022-08-12 05:47:37 UTC