I'm new to this group. I'm so happy to see a group that recognises grandparent loss. Like many here my grandmother was like a mother to me. She raised me. I spent everyday with her as she looked after me when my parents worked full time. As I grew older I saw her all the time, went on weekly trips with her and spoke to her on the phone all the time. She would phone me if something came on the TV she thought I would like. I miss so many small things like that. I feel noone understands my loss. Anytime I tell people they just compare it to the time they lost their grandparent. And it's not the same. I was also there when she passed away from cancer. I get alot of flashbacks of those final moments with her. It was horrible. It wasn't peaceful. She was my best friend and my mother and noone gets it. People tell me oh she was old, she was sick, she had a long life, think of all the happy memories. I just need someone to acknowledge my grief and tell me it's shit and it shouldn't have happened. It was during Covid too but I was able to be there with her everyday. She didn't get the funeral she should have had. Noone got to say goodbye to her only a handful of people. I feel lost and like I'm in a different body since loosing her.

Posted by Butterfly2020 at 2022-08-11 10:33:02 UTC