It will be 4 months on Sunday of losing my dad. Grief is a tricky thing. One moment. Laughing. Dancing in the kitchen. The next moment silently sobbing because I see pictures of him on my fridge. I’m a high achiever. I like to achieve goals. But never in my life have I felt so disconnected from myself. I’m literally floating through life. I do all I need to do. I don’t take off. But I could go a whole day and not really know what’s happened. I’m in autopilot. One of my best friends also walked out of my life right before my dad died. In some ways I’m grieving my dad’s physical death and then the emotional loss of a friend. Life currently seems unfair. And yet I feel unfair even saying that.

Posted by hailley.white at 2022-08-11 03:21:20 UTC