This is my first time using any kind of grief support. I've lost so many people in the last 3 yrs. It started with my best friend commiting suicide, 3 months after that my sister passed away from cancer then an hr after she died my niece who was 9 months pregnant passed away as well. Then in October 2021 my mom passed, then 2 months later my dog died. Then on July 19 2022 my boyfriend got hit by a car on his motorcycle. When Kevin got killed, it changed something in me. I'm having constant panic attacks, im so lost without him. Mornings are the worst. I wake up every morning and for a split second think everything is ok, then it comes back to me and I spend the next hour sobbing. I just don't get why I'm losing everyone I love. I miss him so much. I beg for sign that he is ok, but I haven't received one yet.

Posted by melissahamel361 at 2022-08-10 18:15:30 UTC