Hi all I lost my younger brother on January 3rd of this year. His death was sudden/accidental but he struggled with serious drug addiction and schizophrenia for the past few years. So on top of the pain of grief I’m trying to work through so much trauma from that period of time. We grew up very close (I’m 25 and he was 23) and I miss him so terribly. As time moves on I’m feeling afraid of how this has changed me, it can be so hard to feel happy. The people I’m closest too have started to check up on me less/arnt as engaged in helping me work through my feeling and I’m feeling resentful about it. So I figured I’d try and seek out some other communities to help. I’d love to talk to folks with overlaps in stories/feelings and build some solidarity in our sadness

Posted by Dorothy at 2022-08-10 00:49:49 UTC