i've lost my mom almost two months ago. she had a heart disease we didn't know about. my whole life turned upside down. she was my only friend. she wasn't that old she just got sick. it wasn't a natural death. now i'm living with my grandma. she's old and i'm going to lose her one day. i'm going to be left alone in this world full of sadness and cruelty. i miss my mom. each day i get up only for my grandma and my cat. i don't have friends. once i lose my grandma too i'm going to lose my mind. i'm only 25. i wasn't prepared at all. 😞 also my mom barely visits me in my dreams. when i dream about her it's usually a nightmare. i want to connect to her and talk to her. where are you mommy.

Posted by confusion at 2022-08-09 13:02:53 UTC