I know that one grief does not trump another. But when I reach out to my friend, and then she tells me “why on gram’s death day” and that I should be happy and living for her (speaking about herself) and I just “not argue for one day” about how much I would love to cease existing because the love of my life for 12 years, my other half, passed away suddenly 3 months ago. Her grandma has been gone for many many years. And it wasn’t sudden to my knowledge. I understand it’s a hard day for her. But everything I’m feeling is fresh. And she’s been my shoulder to lean on through most of this. She’s so flippant about the entire situation most of the time though when I want to talk seriously about it. I’m beginning to wonder sometimes if I’ve made the wrong decisions on who to lean on right now.

Posted by Kimberly at 2022-08-09 09:42:06 UTC