This is my Dad & I on his wedding night. He married my beautiful step mum in 2012 when I was 15, but sadly we lost him in 2018 to stage 4 liver cancer. I look at this photo and smile. It was so rewarding seeing my Dad re-marry after my Mum & him divorced. That night he said I was the most beautiful dressed person at the wedding and we danced & laughed. But it breaks my heart because I will never experience this same happiness for the day I get married. My boyfriend Josh almost asked my Dad in his hospital bed for his blessing to one day marry me. But my Dad granted him with that from the moment he met him because of how loving he was for me. Josh reminds me a lot of my Dad - particularly the gentle, hardworking and loving aspects of them both. I’m excited for that day he proposes to come around, but I’m scared at the same time because Dad’s not here to share the excitement with me. I know when the day I get married comes around, he’ll be watching over wi pride 🤍

Posted by Kelly Simmons at 2022-08-09 03:34:37 UTC