Hi, my name is Jessica. I lost my dad in May of 2005. He took his own life and it shattered mine. I came across this community on Instagram and was hoping to have an outlet I could come and just talk about things when I’m feeling low or down or sad. Losing a parent is something that you don’t ever get over. It’s been 17 years but it still feels like it wasn’t that long ago and the pain still hurts just as bad. I hold a lot in cause sometimes I feel like i shouldn’t struggle with it anymore. I have hard days, especially around the anniversary of it or big life events. I just wish he could have been there to see me graduate high school, or to walk me down the isle at my wedding or to be a grandpa to my kids. I struggle with insecurities of feeling wanted or feeling like I’m annoying to everybody. I have been trying to work through some major abandonment issues. I just hope I can express my feelings here for support and to not hold it in anymore. I just wish I could hear his voice again. Hug him again. I miss him so much.

Posted by jesshagen77 at 2022-08-09 02:31:19 UTC