I have been feeling very strange this past week. It has been a little over 3 months since my person passed and in that time I can remember only 2 days that I didnt have a meltdown crying. Last week up until now, I havent cried at all. I feel like I cant. I had visited him mom and sat in the place that he died, doing some journaling as I felt I was really really struggling. Afterwards I felt a bit of acceptance, or belief that he is really gone, this isnt a joke. But since then Ive been living in total denial, keeping as busy as I can to pass time since I mean... he has to be coming back soon, so dont worry about it. I just feel so off and starting to get anxious that Im going to crash really hard. I miss him so much. I still dont understand why he isnt here. I ran in the rain today, it was the best Ive felt since you.

Posted by Rosa610 at 2022-08-08 18:44:34 UTC