Hello all, I lost my dad to 'covid' 22nd December 2020, he was on a ward, they took phones off the patients 'because they were getting calls at 3am in the morning from other patients on the ward. They never told us this until questions were raised after in the healing (trying to heal) process. We were told he would need to be intubated afew days (4th Dec). to rest, never let a call home to say he was getting taken to ICU. Until alot latwr when we called to see how he was, then we got told he had been intubated. We need to collect his items they requested the day before. We got them back, in a clinical waste bag with 'inventory of the deceased'. Go forward, he sustained a cut at the side of his mouth, no one had documented it until days later. Hospital called to say he was deteriorating just before midnight on the 21st Deceber. Sadly passed away at 3.27 or so we were told. We felt we couldnt stay at the hospital watching the deterioration, however we called the hospital at 3.15 asking if he was ok, we got 'no change' to pass a message to him and that we are going to try sleep. We loved him etx. Phone went at 3.27am, he had sadly passed away. Heartless berevement pack shoved under our noses with sorry for your loss no explination of what the pack was. Said about 6 weeks a wellfair check would be made with any questions answered. We got a letter saying a call cant be made. So we wrote a letter with 17 issies about his hospital stay. One major being then saying we consented to a DNACPR. This was signed by a 'Martin'. Hospital would only speak to myself or mum, we thought it may have been for another patient 'Steve' which we once had an update on instead. They didnt have a relation either called Martin, it was DNACPR in the wrong place. Turns out dad wasnt 'no change' infact he was pronounced deceased at 3am! And passed of a cardiac arrest. NOT COVID! I was on auto pilot, I work in a funeral directors, I was told to be daughter not arranger, but mum required guidence so was arranger never daughter. Its been tough, I was taken away from arranging any from the hospital and covid, but couldnt escape it forever! We tried to grieve with what we knew at the time, but we were grieving lies. Then more answers, more lies.

Posted by Steampunk Kitty at 2022-08-08 15:51:07 UTC