I need some advice and people's opinions please. We lost my Dad in March 2021, he was 74 and passed very suddenly and unexpectedly. My parents had just celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary together on the Valentines day before he passed. It has been just 17 months since he left us. My Mum's best friend passed away a few months after my Dad did. Now my Mum and her best friends husband are spending time together. He goes over the house every week, they go out for dinner, my sister invited him to a bbq at her home. My mum has told me it's a companions type thing, 'he's at home alone and I'm here alone so why not spend time together' is what she told me. Whenever she talks about him or I mention him she giggles like a teenager and gets all coy. I can't lie, I feel very uncomfortable and weird about the whole thing. My Dad hasn't been gone long at all and it feels wrong. I know it isn't really up to me as to what my Mother can or can't do but I just don't like it. Am I alone with that? How would you all feel in my shoes?

Posted by Welshspoonie at 2022-08-06 21:40:21 UTC