I lost my partner to Covid 6 months ago. We were getting married 6 weeks later. The third time of organising the wedding due to Covid we had to cancel the previous two. So instead of arranging the wedding I had to arrange a funeral. I miss him so much, this is the man I had been looking for all my life. I am 74. He was everything , loving thoughtful kind , not possessive , respectful and fun to be with. It is so cruel, we knew we didn’t have many years together but thought we would have around 10 years. I am sitting here writing this crying my eyes out. I have always been so strong, so friends and family are shocked to see how I have reacted to Robs death. There are some days I just do not want to live anymore and then I feel so selfish as I have a loving family and a son and daughter to live for. Sorry if I have gone on but needed to get this off my chest. Maureen

Posted by maureenwatkiss06 at 2022-04-20 07:45:41 UTC